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An Open Letter to the Doctor Who Saved My Father’s Life

To The Doctor Who Saved My Father’s Life, I can’t refer to you by name because I never actually met you. But the nurses have assured me you are indeed real, and a very busy, trust-funded, white man. While I’m … Continue reading

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Saving Lesbian Films From Themselves

Did you hear the one about the cute girl who goes to a lesbian film with another cute girl and they walk out of the film, hand in hand, thinking they’d love to see that same film again only this … Continue reading

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Freud’s lesbians

22. So, I’ve been absent from myself for a few days now. Today, I blame narcissism. Yes, my own and also the books on it that I’m sifting through like a pigeon bobbing its beak in street-shit for this chapter … Continue reading

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Leo Bersani’s Self

3. Today is day three of my 9 months of writing this thing, and I haven’t started writing yet. Time to get serious. Ok, the horoscope says: Sagittarius Horoscope: September 11, 2011 There are a lot of facts, figures and … Continue reading

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New Day, New Mood

1. Okay. So this is it. I am forcing myself into a corner that I cannot back out of. I am entering, as the other female academics in my life say, the pregnancy time. No, I’m not pregnant in the … Continue reading

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