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It’s Not Getting Better for Lonely Young Lesbians

Hi all! I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to be a guest blogger this week for Fedcan (The Canadian Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences) at: I’m alongside some great scholars and thinkers like Bobby Noble, Doreen Fumia and … Continue reading

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No Glee for Queer teens

65. Sorry I’ve been a tad slack. I’m apologizing to myself, my inner-guilty narcissist, Jesus (not the big One, the “false icon” on my subway who perpetually asks me for smokes even though he always has one hanging out of … Continue reading

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“Matt’s Safe School Law,” and Michigan’s many phobias

60. What the hell is in the water in Michigan? Okay, not that I was heading there to vacation any time soon, to, you know, get away from things for a while, but seriously what the fuck is going on … Continue reading

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Lonely malls, Voldemort, and motorized wheelchairs

51. Today, I am outing myself. Again. I am omega lonely. I am my own lonely archive. I am the material I have accumulated. And I say this in happy-humiliation. Where has this realization come from? Well, the easy answer … Continue reading

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